How to Pachapad - Getting started Guide

It’s awesome you have decided to make your period a zero waste solution! And we're here to help you out to get used to this new way to deal with your menstruation. That’s why we’ve prepared this short getting started guide. 

How to Pachapad?

Step 1 - Getting started

-Wash your Pachapads with water and your preferred laundry soap prior to using them.

-Do not use Bleach or Fabric softeners

-Before usage or storage, it must be completely dry.

Step 2 - Got your period? Time to use them. 

It’s just like all disposable pads. You just need to fold it around your panties and adjust it. The cotton side in plain colour sits against your skin, always facing up. The pattern side will be facing down. Fold the wings over your underwear, adjust the width with the snaps and it’s done! 

Tip: pick up underwear with firm fitting, it will help to keep your pad in place.

Change them whenever it is necessary. 

How to carry?

You might wondering if how to carry it in the case you're not at home and need to change them, right? 
Well, it will probably happen! That’s why we create a wet bag to help you carry your pads without worry.
The wet bag is made with a waterproof material which doesn’t let it smell and leak.

Have a look here how it's easy to use it!

Step 3 - How to wash

-Soak them in cold water and your preferred laundry soap for at least 1 hour before washing. Hot water will leave bloodstains.

- Whenever necessary you may leave it soaking overnight. No more than 24 hours. 

- Wash by hand or machine wash 

Watch here the step by step 


Before usage or storage, it must be completely dry. 

Pachapads are made with 100% cotton fabric. Drying time is generally 12-24 hours. *May take longer during winter months.

And yes, use it again and again!!


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