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The truth about disposable pads

Go for an Eco-period and make a difference!

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We are all unique and so are our periods.

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Happy customers


At the moment that get yours, your are gonna love it, so comfortable, soft and eco-friendly. It comes with instructions about how you must deal with.

Liliana on May 05, 2021

Excellent quality.

Best quality, soft and comfortable. Love it!

Camilla on Aug 17, 2020

Love the product in a overall

Happy period while being environmentally conscious. I love the pads, they are comfortable and cool. Staff is super helpful and the product come with instructions what helps a lot.

Erica on Apr 21, 2021

I look forward to getting my period.

Good for my wallet, good for my body and good for the environment 💰♀️🌍

Renata on Fev 08, 2021

In love!

They fit perfect for me and I love so much to reuse each cycle. Thanks Pachacare.

Camilla on May 05, 2021

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